NIO ES7 unveiling may be further delayed to June
NIO president said the ES7 launch will be held after the lockdown in Shanghai is lifted.
NIO to participate in Auto Shenzhen 2022 starting this weekend
Auto Shenzhen 2022 will officially open at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on Saturday, May 28 and run through June 5.
Regulatory filing shows exterior and key specs of NIO ES7 ahead of planned unveiling later this month
The NIO ES7 is sized between the ES6 and ES8, according to a regulatory filing that also shows details of the model's exterior, wheels and more.
More photos of NIO ES7 without camouflage revealed
The NIO ES7 is scheduled to be unveiled at the end of this month and deliveries will begin within the year.
More spy photos of NIO ES7 revealed ahead of planned unveiling in late May
NIO will unveil the ES7 at the end of May and start delivering the SUV in the third quarter to compete with the BMW X5L.
NIO vehicle suspected to be ES7 spotted in real life
An SUV with a LiDAR and camera setup on the roof similar to the NIO ET7 sedan has been seen in a parking lot.
NIO to unveil ES7 at end of May, instead of April as originally planned
NIO originally planned to unveil the ES7 in April, but with the Beijing auto show set to be postponed, the SUV's launch will also be later than originally planned.
More spy photos suspected to be of NIO ES7 revealed
NIO will unveil the ES7 in April and will deliver it this year. The model is aimed to compete with the BMW X5L.
NIO rumored likely to unveil ES7 in Shanghai around April 15
NIO may launch the ES7 around April 15 at the CSSC Pavilion in Shanghai, according to an auto blogger.
BREAKING: NIO confirms new model ES7 to be unveiled in April, delivery expected within the year
The NIO ES7 is the model codenamed Gemini and is aimed at competing with the BMW X5L, which will be released this year.