Previous reports suggested that the new new SUV would start at RMB 200,000-250,000 and is expected to be unveiled at this year's Shanghai auto show.

The latest regulatory filings reveal Xpeng's (NYSE: XPEV) new SUV, which is expected to be released in a few months, as the electric vehicle (EV) maker looks to accelerate its new product launches this year.

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) today announced the latest batch of models that will be allowed to be sold in China, and Xpeng's new SUV, the G6, is included in the list.

The public can submit feedback on the list between March 9 and March 15. Entry into the catalog is the last major regulatory process before a model is allowed to be sold in China.

There are three versions of the Xpeng G6 in the catalog, including two single-motor versions and one dual-motor version.

One of the two single-motor versions will be powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery pack, while the other single-motor version and the dual-motor version will both be powered by the more costly ternary lithium batteries.

The Xpeng G6 has a length, width and height of 4,753 mm, 1,920 mm and 1,650 mm, respectively, and a wheelbase of 2,890 mm, according to these filing pages.

The model appears to be the one previously mentioned by Xpeng management to compete with 's (NASDAQ: TSLA) Model Y, which measures 4,750 mm in length, 1,921 mm in width, 1,624 mm in height and has a wheelbase of 2,890 mm.

Both single-motor versions of the Xpeng G6 are equipped with a motor with 218 kW peak power, while the dual-motor version has an additional 140 kW peak power motor.

All three versions of the Xpeng G6 will be equipped with battery cells supplied by 's local competitor CALB, and the battery packs will be manufactured at Xpeng's plant in Wuhan, Hubei.

Xpeng management said during an earnings call on August 23, 2022 that the company will release a B-segment vehicle in the first half of 2023 that will compete with the Tesla Model Y.

The model was previously seen as possibly being named the G7 or G5, although spy photos shared by some local media last month showed that it will be called the G6.

Xpeng chairman and CEO He Xiaopeng said in a January 28 internal all-staff letter that the company will release two new models and revamp three existing older models in 2023, with a goal of delivering 200,000 vehicles for the year, according to a previous report by LatePost.

That report said at the time that the new Xpeng SUV would start at RMB 200,000 ($28,680)-250,000 and was expected to be unveiled at this year's Shanghai auto show.

Xpeng's current models on sale include the G3i, P5, P7 and G9, and the company has officially unveiled the P7i, a facelift of the P7, on March 6, but not the price. Earlier today, a media report said that Xpeng may officially let the P7i go on sale and announce the price on March 10.

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XPeng aims to deliver 200,000 vehicles in 2023, report says