said this was because the third-party app triggered a risk control policy when the user tried to log in, thus requiring facial recognition.

XPeng (NYSE: XPEV) was also the topic of much discussion just this past weekend after an app for its in-car system required facial recognition using a camera outside the car to verify identity.

One user said on Weibo Friday that an app for his XPeng in-car system asked him to use facial recognition to verify his identity after an update.

However, what he didn't expect was that it required him to use a camera on the outside of his vehicle to perform that action.

This means that the user needs to point his face at the camera outside the car in a weird position to resolve the issue.

XPeng responded on March 4 that this was because the third-party app triggered a risk control policy when the user logged in, thus requiring facial recognition.

The company has removed the third-party app and apologized for the poor experience, according to the company's announcement.

XPeng will continue to improve the app review mechanism of the app store to provide users with optimal interaction and experience while safeguarding account and privacy security, the company said.

Neither the user nor XPeng mentioned the name of the app, though it is Dianping, a popular Chinese food ordering app, according to some media reports.

XPeng delivered 6,010 vehicles in February, up 15.18 percent from 5,218 in January but down 3.45 percent from 6,225 in the same month last year.

The electric vehicle maker's stores are offering discounts on its flagship P7 sedan to accelerate inventory clearance, local media Cailian reported last week after visiting several XPeng Experience stores.

The new XPeng P7, to be called the P7i, will go on sale this week, when pricing information will be released, the report said, citing an XPeng source.

XPeng offering discounts to clear P7 inventory, facelift to launch next week, report says