The Model 3 nearly landed on its front end after passing over a bridge.

(NASDAQ: TSLA) is a hot topic of discussion in China for yet another traffic accident, three months after another accident that has yet to reach a conclusion.

In Rui'an, Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, a blue Tesla Model 3 sedan was suspected to have lost control and eventually crashed into a bus and nearby cars before coming to a stop at high speed, according to multiple local media reports.

The sedan was speeding down urban roads at around 13:55 today, barely avoiding an electric bicycle and several vehicles at the intersection.

After passing over a bridge, the Model 3 almost landed on its front end, according to a video circulating on the Internet.

The Model 3 then continued on its way, stopping after colliding with a moving bus and some parked cars on the side of the road.

The accident resulted in the death of a passenger in the car, injuries to the driver and damages to three vehicles, according to a local police bulletin.

Shanghai Securities News quoted a Tesla China source as saying on February 17 that the company was very sad about the accident and that the local traffic police were currently investigating the cause and Tesla would do its best to cooperate.

The source said they hope people will not believe and spread unconfirmed information.

This is the latest involving a Tesla vehicle after a fatal accident in Chaozhou, Guangdong last November.

On November 13, Jimu News reported that when a man was driving a Tesla vehicle in Chaozhou and preparing to stop, the vehicle lost control and accelerated.

The vehicle traveled 2 kilometers at high speed, knocking down two motorcycles and two bicycles, killing two people and injuring three others, according to the report.

The local traffic police ruled out the possibility of the driver driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs after testing, according to the report. The investigation results of the accident have not yet been released.

Fatal accident puts Tesla in spotlight in China