's 2022 ES8, ES6 and EC6 models are getting new facelifts and there are still a few show cars and stock vehicles available for sale, it said.

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A report that NIO (NYSE: NIO) is offering discounts of up to RMB 100,000 ($14,900) on some models has generated a lot of buzz today. Now, the company has clarified in a response.

These are discounts that NIO is offering consumers for a small number of show cars and stock cars, the company said in a response shared with CnEVPost.

NIO's 2022 ES8, ES6 and EC6 models are due for facelifts and there are still a few show cars and stock vehicles available for sale, which are eligible for the company's show car policy, it said.

The company has been offering consumers trade-in, financial, and technology option benefits, and they are still in effect for the ES8, ES6 and EC6 models, with the financial benefits offering relatively large discounts to consumers, NIO said.

The 2022 ES8, ES6 and EC6 models are equipped with Qualcomm 8155 chip and Alder intelligent system, which are still very competitive smart EV products in the market today, and NIO will update and maintain the Alder software for a long time, it said.

Earlier today, local media Jiemian reported that NIO has reduced the prices of the 2022 ES6 and ES8 by up to more than RMB 100,000 after considering multiple discounts.

Notably, the sales cited in the report also stressed that there are not many such cars available, and that the program was implemented yesterday and many of the cars in stock are already gone today.

Separately, local auto media Yiche then cited an NIO staff in Beijing as saying that the EV maker has some benefits to offer consumers, but that the report exaggerated the situation.

NIO's offer of subsidies for the 2022 ES6 and ES8 in the same amount as the already expired state subsidies had an expiration date of January 31, and the entitlement is no longer available in Beijing, the person said.

In addition, it's not easy to find vehicles with an inventory cycle of 120 days or more these days as mentioned in the initial report, while trade-in subsidies, inventory discounts and technology option package offers have always existed and are not the latest offers released by NIO, the person said.

With stock cars available, the discounts that consumers in Beijing can get when buying the 2022 ES8 include an RMB 33,600 discount and an interest-free three-year loan, according to the person.

The 2022 NIO ES6 and ES8 are older models of NIO, and the company is switching these NT 1.0 platform-based models to the NT 2.0 platform.

NIO launched two new models -- the EC7 coupe SUV and the all-new ES8 -- at NIO Day 2022 on December 24, 2022, with deliveries set to begin in May and June 2023, respectively.

The new ES6 has not yet been launched, but the model has already appeared on a filing list published by Chinese industrial regulatory authorities, meaning that the release could be just a few months away.