The Hyper GT has a wind resistance coefficient of only 0.19 Cd, the lowest of any production car in the world, .

(Image credit: GAC Aion)

GAC Aion unveiled the Hyper GT, the second model of its Hyper brand, at today's Guangzhou auto show and began accepting reservations. It teased the model earlier this week.

The Hyper GT is an all-electric mid-to-large-size coupe based on GAC Aion's AEP 3.0 platform.

The car features hidden door handles and has butterfly doors. It has a wind resistance coefficient of just 0.19 Cd, the lowest of any production car in the world, GAC Aion claimed.

The previous production car with the lowest wind resistance coefficient was the EQS sedan unveiled by Mercedes-Benz in 2021, with a drag coefficient of just 0.20 Cd.

The Hyper GT has two styling styles, one with a total of three LiDARs on the roof and sides, and the other with just the roof LiDAR.

The vehicle also uses Fengyun III satellite infrared remote sensing technology, thus being able to identify life forms in bad weather such as haze and sand.

GAC Aion has only announced the performance of the single-motor version of the Hyper GT, stating that the motor has a maximum power of 250 kW and peak torque of 434 Nm, and takes 4.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h.

GAC Aion will launch at least two new models each year and will accelerate its internationalization strategy, the company's general manager, Gu Huinan, said at today's press event.

GAC Aion aims to exceed 1.5 million sales by 2030 and is expected to go on sale in late 2023 or early 2024, he said.

GAC Aion's total sales in 2022 are expected to exceed 270,000 units, a year-on-year increase of more than 120 percent, Gu said.

On September 15 GAC Aion unveiled its new premium brand, Hyper, and its first model, the Hyper SSR supercar.

The model, which GAC Aion said at the time was the fastest accelerating car on the planet, will begin mass production and delivery next October.

On December 22, GAC Aion said the Hyper SSR completed its first performance test in mid-December and officially entered the production validation phase.

GAC Aion sold 28,765 units in November, up 91 percent year-on-year, and its cumulative sales from January to November were 241,149 units, up 128 percent year-on-year.