In addition to , several other Chinese automakers, including Chery and , are reportedly planning to order vehicle carriers.

Update: Nio sends first ET7s to Europe on three vessels, instead of one-CnEVPost

(File photo shows Nio ET7 sedans being loaded for shipment to Europe.)

BYD was previously reported to be ordering its own car carriers. Now, a new rumor claims that more Chinese automakers have similar plans.

Several automakers, including Chery and Nio, are planning to order their own car carriers, maritime information service platform Xinde Marine News said in an article Sunday, citing unnamed sources familiar with the matter.

Chery is in contact with multiple parties about ordering car carriers and may announce the plan soon, the report said, without mentioning anything more about Nio.

In late July, Xinde cited Lloyd's List as saying that BYD will order six and up to eight LNG dual fuel pure car truck carriers (PCTCs) capable of transporting 7,700 vehicles, which they expect to deliver from 2025 onward.

On October 29, local media Caixin cited multiple sources as saying that a BYD affiliate will order eight roll-on/roll-off vessels capable of carrying 7,700 vehicles at a shipyard in Yantai, Shandong province, at a total cost of nearly 5 billion yuan ($700 million).

BYD is basically set to order six vessels, with the other two being option orders, according to Caixin.

In its latest report, Xinde said BYD is about to announce that it will first order two 7,000 CEU dual fuel PCTCs from Guangzhou Shipyard International Company Limited.

BYD is in contact with other shipbuilders for the remaining orders, the article said.

Local automakers are ordering the car carriers because demand for maritime transport -- especially ocean-going ro-ro business -- has risen significantly with the surge in vehicle exports.

SAIC's Anji Automobile Logistics has previously ordered five LNG dual-fuel PCTCs from Jiangnan Shipyard, and there is a recent rumor that the company is making an offer to shipyards to build seven more dual-fuel 8,900 CEU PCTCs, the article said.

For Nio, the company's expansion in overseas markets has accelerated this year.

At the Nio Day 2021 event on December 18, 2021, William Li, Nio's founder, chairman and CEO, first unveiled the company's plans for global expansion, saying Nio will enter Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark in 2022.

Nio aims to serve users in more than 25 countries and territories worldwide by 2025, Li said at the time.

On August 22, Nio shared for the first time that the first ET7 cars were starting to be shipped to Europe.

At the Chengdu auto show, which opened on August 26, Nio co-founder and president Qin Lihong said that Nio sent three ships loaded with the Nio ET7s to Europe.

Up to now, Nio has started delivering its flagship sedan in Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark.

(A screenshot of Xinde's article)