The Li L7 is essentially a five-seat version of the Li L8 and deliveries will begin in February 2023.

had planned to officially make its new SUV Li L7 unveiled at the Guangzhou auto show, which was scheduled to take place tomorrow, but that plan was derailed by the event's postponement.

Now, the latest regulatory filing shows what the model will look like.

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced late Wednesday the latest batch of models that will soon be allowed to be sold in China for public comment, and the Li L7 was included. The public can submit their feedback from November 17 to November 23.

The Li L7 looks essentially the same as the Li L8, which began deliveries a week ago, although it is slightly smaller in size.

The Li L7 is 5,050 mm long, 1,995 mm wide, 1,750 mm high and has a wheelbase of 3,005 mm. As a comparison, the Li L8 is 5,080 mm long, 1,995 mm wide, 1,800 mm high, and has a wheelbase of 3,005 mm.

As background, Li Auto originally planned to offer six- and five-seat versions of the Li L8, but later adjusted its strategy to release the model's six-seat version as the Li L8 and the five-seat version as the Li L7, which was previewed on September 22.

On September 30, Li Auto briefly introduced the five-seat mid to large-size SUV Li L7 at the official launch of the Li L8 and began accepting reservations.

Like the Li L8, the Li L7 also includes two versions, Pro as well as Max, with starting prices of RMB 339,800 ($47,640) and 379,800 respectively. Its acceleration, range and intelligent driving system are identical to those of the Li L8.

The company said at the time that the Li L7 would be officially unveiled at the Guangzhou auto show in November and deliveries would begin in February 2023.

However, on November 4, the show, scheduled to take place from November 18 to 27, was postponed amid Covid concerns, making it the latest major auto show to be postponed after the Beijing auto show which was eventually canceled.

Although the Li L7 is essentially a five-seat version of the Li L8, Li Auto emphasized that the Li L7 is in no way a simple conversion of the Li L8 to a five-seat version, but rather a completely separate design for the five-seat model.

The company previously said that the Li L7 will begin touring Li Auto stores across China in December and will begin allowing consumers to lock in their orders and begin deliveries next February.

Here are more images of the Li L7 in the latest regulatory filing.