had 88 Nio Houses and 324 Nio Spaces in China as of the end of October.

(Image credit: Nio)

Nio added 12 Nio Houses in China in October, bringing the total number of the facility to 88, according to data shared by the company on the Nio App today.

For those readers unfamiliar with the facility, we're providing some background information here.

The Nio House is the company's flagship experience center, and it functions as much more than showcasing and selling vehicles; it's also a space for Nio to give owners a quality lifestyle.

The Nio House building generally consists of two areas, a display area for models and a place with various functions for users.

Nio owners can have coffee with friends here, or brainstorm with colleagues and hold birthday parties.

Nio hopes that through Nio House, owners can enjoy this lifestyle in every city, so that outsiders will think that buying an Nio vehicle is not just getting a car, but joining a high-end lifestyle group.

In overseas markets, Nio is also building local Nio Houses, for example it already has two such facilities in Norway and is building new Nio Houses in several other European countries.

In addition to Nio Houses, the company's more common showroom is the smaller Nio Spaces. Nio did not increase the number of this facility in October, and they had a total of 324 in China as of the end of October.

In October, Nio also added one service center and two authorized service centers in China, bringing their numbers to 72 and 181, respectively.

Nio also added 2 delivery centers and 1 used car experience store in October, bringing the total number to 50 and 3 respectively.

It added 43 battery swap stations in October, bringing the total to 1,194 as of the end of October, of which 323 are located along highways.

Nio added 49 supercharging stations and 30 destination charging stations in October, bringing the total number to 1,095 and 946, respectively. By the end of October, Nio provided 5,717 supercharging piles and 6,030 destination charging piles in China.

The company's charging map also added 26,455 third-party charging piles in October, bringing the total to more than 590,000.

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