Nio House

Nio opens new Nio House in Germany as it advances efforts in Europe

The Hamburg-based Nio House, which opened on June 20, is Nio's fourth in Germany and eighth in Europe.

Nio adds new Nio House in Netherlands, its largest in Europe to date

The Nio House in Amsterdam is Nio's second in the Netherlands and seventh in Europe.

Li Auto opens its 1st 2 Nio House equivalents

Li Auto has opened 2 flagship retail centers in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, with the facilities in Beijing and Shanghai set to debut later this month.

Nio adds 16 showrooms, 138 swap stations globally in Nov

As of November 30, Nio had 142 Nio Houses, 320 Nio Spaces, and 2,217 battery swap stations worldwide.

Nio adds 26 showrooms and 155 swap stations in Sept

As of September 30, Nio had 137 Nio Houses, 304 Nio Spaces, and 1,955 battery swap stations worldwide.

Nio adds 5 Nio Houses and 141 swap stations globally in Aug

As of August 31, Nio has 134 Nio Houses and 1,800 battery swap stations worldwide.

Nio opens its largest Nio House to date in Hefei NeoPark

This is Nio's 134th Nio House worldwide and its first zero-carbon facility. It has a design not found in all other such facilities -- a corridor that provides direct access to Nio's F2 factory.

Nio to open new Nio House in NeoPark on Aug 28

The Nio House is Nio's largest in the world, with a corridor connecting directly to its F2 factory.

Nio adds 30 new stores, 224 charging and swap stations in Jun

As of June 30, Nio had 125 Nio Houses and 271 Nio Spaces worldwide.

Nio to open new Nio House in Germany on Jun 1

The new Nio House will be located in Düsseldorf and is set to become Nio's third such facility in Germany.