today delivered the first G9 vehicles to consumers at one of its delivery centers in Guangzhou, where it is headquartered.

Xpeng Motors began deliveries of its flagship SUV, the G9, after officially making the model available a month ago.

The company delivered the first G9 vehicles to consumers today at one of its delivery centers in Guangzhou, where it is headquartered, according to information shared with the Xpeng App.

Today's deliveries were mostly for the Pro model's two-wheel-drive version, with deliveries of the dual-motor four-wheel-drive model not expected to begin until December.

Here are some images from the Xpeng App.

Xpeng officially made the G9 available on September 21, but its complex configuration has caused it to encounter a lot of criticism.

On September 23, two days after the model's launch, Xpeng tweaked the G9's product naming logic and price configuration in an attempt to make the choice less difficult for consumers.

A table published by Xpeng shows that the company named the different versions of the G9 in a manner similar to Apple's iPhone naming, which uses Plus, Pro, and Max to differentiate them, rather than the previous use of letters including X, P, E, N, and G.

The model is currently available in eight versions with starting prices of RMB 309,900 ($42,830), RMB 329,900, RMB 349,900, RMB 369,900, RMB 399,900, RMB 419,900 and RMB 469,900 respectively.

Xpeng adjusts G9 naming and configuration after consumer confusion-CnEVPost

The Xpeng G9 now comes with XPilot Assisted Driving System as standard across the lineup. The entry-level model, priced at RMB309,900, previously did not come with the system.

Notably, on October 1, Xpeng mentioned when announcing its September delivery figures that it had delivered 184 G9 SUVs in September, with mass deliveries of the model expected to begin at the end of October.

Xpeng did not specify at the time, though the G9s delivered in September appear to be mainly show cars and test-drive cars.

The company did not disclose delivery figures for G9 today. It delivered 8,468 vehicles in September, down 18.67 percent from 10,412 in the same month last year and 11.59 percent from 9,578 in August.

Xpeng delivers 8,468 vehicles in Sept, down 11.6% from Aug-CnEVPost

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