says the G9 comes standard with an 800V high-voltage platform and a 3C ultra-fast charging battery pack across the lineup, underscoring a previously overlooked competency.

XPeng Motors officially launched its flagship SUV, the G9, two days ago, but its complex configuration has exposed it to much criticism. Now, the company has announced an overhaul.

Considering the feedback from users about the difficulty of choosing the G9's configurations, XPeng spent two days retooling the product naming logic and pricing, it said on Weibo today, adding that the move was aimed at reducing the difficulty of choosing and making smart, luxury features standard.

A table published by XPeng shows that the company named the different versions of the G9 in a manner similar to Apple's iPhone naming, which uses Plus, Pro and Max to differentiate them instead of the previous use of letters including X, P, E, N and G.

Previously, was the first local car company to use this approach to naming its models.

Unlike the six major versions previously offered, XPeng's latest table shows that the G9 has eight versions.

Previously, the six versions of the XPeng G9 had starting prices of RMB 309,900 ($44,000), RMB 329,900, RMB 349,900, RMB 399,900, RMB 449,900, and RMB 469,900, respectively.

Now, the starting prices for the eight versions of the model are RMB 309,900, RMB 329,900, RMB 349,900, RMB 369,900, RMB 399,900, RMB 419,900 and RMB 469,900, respectively.

The table shows that the XPeng G9 already comes with XPilot Assisted Driving System as standard across the lineup. The entry-level model, priced at RMB 309,900, previously did not come with the system and consumers were not able to choose it as an option at an additional cost.

All versions of the XPeng G9 except for the entry-level model are equipped with the 5D music cockpit Xopera.

XPeng writes at the bottom of the table that the G9 comes standard with an 800V high-voltage platform and a 3C ultra-fast charging battery pack across the lineup, highlighting a previously overlooked competency.

Models with a range of 650 kilometers allow consumers to opt for the 4C ultra-fast charging battery packs, XPeng writes.

In a research note sent to investors earlier today, Deutsche Bank analyst Edison Yu's team said the G9's configuration confusion overshadowed the product's appeal.

"We continue to like the design + tech features of the vehicle and found the low entry price point of 310k RMB (moving up to 470k) encouraging for future sales volume," Yu's team said in the study.

What is overlooked is that 3C and 800V SiC is actually standard across all models and a significant upgrade from previous generations, Edison Yu's team said.

XPeng G9's configuration confusion overshadows product appeal, says Deutsche Bank