City NGP is only available to users in Guangzhou for now, and says it will work to make the feature available in more cities as soon as possible.

After launching the FSD-like City Navigation Guided Pilot (City NGP) feature as a pilot in Guangzhou a month ago, Xpeng Motors today began making it available to all eligible P5 cars in its headquarters city.

The Xpeng P5 is receiving its third major post-launch OTA update, Xmart OS version number 3.3.0, the company announced today.

All P5 models equipped with LiDARs and with XPilot 3.5 software and upgrade services will receive City NGP functionality, according to the company.

The launch of City NGP allows P5 users to use NGP intelligent navigation-assisted driving on the city's general roads in Guangzhou, in addition to using the feature on highways and expressways nationwide, Xpeng said.

City NGP is only available to users in Guangzhou for now, and Xpeng will work to make the feature available in more cities as soon as possible, it said.

The feature has the ability to handle complex scenes like a "veteran driver", and the efficiency of nearly 90 percent of scenes is close to the manual driving time shown by the navigation, Xpeng said.

To better build trust in human-machine co-driving, Xpeng has introduced the enhanced Surrounding Reality (SR) display capable of visualizing objects around the vehicle and projecting them in 3D.

To ensure sufficient knowledge of safety procedures, City NGP requires a seven-day familiarization period and 100 kilometers of driving before its features can be used on all available roads.

City NGP is an ADAS feature similar to Tesla's FSD, which allows the vehicle itself to perform a full range of driving tasks when it is activated and navigation destinations are set.

This includes cruising at a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, changing lanes due to navigation or vehicle overtaking decisions, handling merging and lane splitting, going around stationary vehicles or obstacles, and maintaining an appropriate speed throughout the driving route.

It also automatically detects and reacts to traffic signals, makes lane change decisions and notifies the driver, navigates through intersections, traffic circles, viaducts and tunnels, and avoids obstacles such as buildings, pedestrians and bicycles.

As part of XPilot 3.5, City NGP are available only on the premium version of Xpeng P5.

XPilot 3.5 is only available for the P5 with two LiDARs on board. Of all versions of the Xpeng P5, only the two highest priced are equipped with the part at RMB 225,900 ($31,170) and RMB 249,900 respectively.

On September 17, the City NGP feature became available in Guangzhou on a pilot basis, making Xpeng the first Chinese car brand to introduce Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) features for complex urban traffic situations to the mass market.