debuted its bus chassis technology platform using Blade Battery, which it calls the eBus Blade Platform, at the IAA Transportation 2022 event in Germany.

(BYD newly upgraded 12m eBus. Image credit: BYD)

BYD's full line of passenger vehicles already uses the company's iconic Blade Battery, and now the technology will be used in its commercial vehicles as well.

On September 19, BYD debuted its bus chassis technology platform using Blade Battery, which it calls the eBus Blade Platform, at the IAA Transportation in Hannover, Germany, according to a company press release Monday.

(BYD eBus Blade Platform. Credit: BYD)

The platform uses the ultra-safe and highly durable Blade Battery and is revolutionizing battery-electric transportation, BYD said.

As the world's only vehicle company to master the core technologies of batteries, motors, electric controls and vehicle semiconductors, BYD launched Blade Battery in March 2020 and it has been used first in passenger car products, which has been well received, the company said.

Compared to conventional structures, Blade Battery's unique CTP (cell to pack) technology greatly improves rigidity, giving it superior strength, BYD said.

Blade Battery's space-saving design, a 50 percent reduction, is inherent in the development of the eBus Blade Platform, allowing for increased battery capacity and achieving longer driving range, while also reducing chassis weight, it said.

In the commercial vehicle segment, BYD debuted the eBus Blade Platform at the show to kick off a new journey in the pure electric bus segment, it said.

"The launch of our eBus Blade Platform is especially exciting and represents further progression in electrification for this sector," said Javier Contijoch, eBus Sales Vice President at BYD Europe Commercial Vehicles.

"We already enjoy solid relationships with many strategic partners and look forward to establishing more collaborations, to bring localised services and high levels of knowledgeable support and value to customers in Europe," Contijoch added.

BYD officially launched the Blade Battery in March 2020 and unveiled its flagship sedan Han in July 2020, the first to be powered by the battery.

(BYD Blade Battery)

Blade Battery is BYD's battery structure innovation based on lithium iron phosphate technology, with the advantages of high safety, long life and long range.

The battery's volumetric energy density is on par with mainstream ternary lithium batteries, but the safety performance far exceeds that of ternary lithium batteries, BYD previously said.

Back to IAA Transportation 2022, BYD's two all-electric trucks, the ETM6 7.5-ton urban delivery truck and the ETH8 19-ton truck, designed for logistics and waste collection, made their debut at the event along with BYD's newly upgraded 12-meter-long eBus.

The vehicles on display feature BYD's latest technology for safe, reliable and efficient electric transportation and are designed with European customers in mind, it said.

BYD sold 174,915 new energy vehicles (NEVs) in August, its sixth consecutive record high month. This included 173,977 passenger vehicles as well as 938 commercial vehicles.

To date, BYD commercial vehicles have sold more than 90,000 units worldwide.

BYD's new battery base in Guangxi starts construction with planned annual capacity of 15 GWh