, the Chinese auto giant backed by Warren Buffett, announced the launch of its flagship new energy sedan, the Han, on July 12, with three Han EV models and one Han DM (Dual-mode) model.

After subsidies, the three Han EVs are priced at 229,800 yuan, 255,800 yuan, and 279,500 yuan respectively. The Han DM is priced at 219,800 yuan.

The Han EV is equipped with BYD's Blade Battery, which was officially launched in March. The NEDC driving range is 605 km.

With a 0-100km acceleration time of 3.9 seconds, the Han EV is the fastest mass-produced new energy sedan in China.

The Han DM 4WD Performance version accelerates from 0-100 km in 4.7 seconds, making it the fastest plug-in hybrid sedan in China.

The Han DM offers 81 kilometers of NEDC combined range on electric power and over 800 kilometers of combined range.

At the press conference, BYD President Wang Chuanfu said, "BYD has taken out all the leading technology, and is committed to making the Han a new energy flagship sedan that combines "safety, performance, and luxury."

Han's roof features an advanced laser brazing process and Han's 1500HS thermoformed steel usage (100 kg) is the most ever in a Chinese production car.

Han is equipped with 11 airbags and 6 cameras as standard.

For the first time, Han is equipped with the NFC car key function, which allows you to use your phone as the car key with a simple touch, regardless of whether the phone is on or not.

The DiPilot intelligent driver assistance system in Han incorporates BYD's latest DiDAS driver assistance system.

DiPilot also includes the DiTrainer coach mode, which can selectively enable the assisted driving function by evaluating factors such as road conditions, weather and even driving age.

The DiLink 3.0 smart network system is upgraded by intelligent voice and DiUI personalization, with the 15.6-inch Ultra HD 8-core adaptive rotating suspended PAD for a smarter experience.

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