This means that has delivered more than 2,795 Zeekr 001 vehicles so far this month.

Zeekr delivers record 7,166 vehicles in Aug, up 43% from July-CnEVPost

Zeekr, Geely's premium electric vehicle brand, announced today that it has exceeded 40,000 cumulative deliveries to date of its only currently available model, the Zeekr 001.

Considering that Zeekr had delivered a cumulative total of 37,205 vehicles by the end of August, this latest figure means that Zeekr has delivered more than 2,795 Zeekr 001 vehicles so far this month.

Zeekr was officially launched as a standalone company in March 2021, and the Zeekr 001 was unveiled on April 15 last year.

(Image credit: Zeekr)

The first production vehicle of the Zeekr 001 rolled off the production line on October 19, 2021, and 199 units of this model were delivered that month. For the full year 2021, 6,007 units of the Zeekr 001 were delivered.

In August, Zeekr delivered a record 7,166 vehicles, up 43 percent from 5,022 in July.

It took Zeekr 110 days to reach its first 10,000 deliveries, and its deliveries grew from 10,000 to 20,000 units in 107 days, the company said today.

After that Zeekr's deliveries grew rapidly, from the 20,000th to the 30,000th delivery in just 64 days, and from the 30,000th to the 40,000th in just 45 days, according to the company.

By the end of July, Zeekr's cumulative deliveries stood at 30,039 units, according to data monitored by CnEVPost.

On September 9, Zeekr announced that it had sold out of its available capacity for the year and that new orders would be delivered in 2023. The company had previously set a delivery target of 70,000 units for 2022.

Zeekr has already accumulated 70,000 non-refundable orders for deposits in the first three quarters, and the Zeekr 009 is set to launch in the fourth quarter, local media Cailian said on September 9, citing people familiar with the matter.

Notably, Zeekr will continue to offer the same purchase subsidies for its two lower-priced models for some time to come as it did this year, despite the fact that availability is already sold out.

China currently exempts new energy vehicles from purchase taxes and offers state purchase subsidies, both of which are set to expire at the end of the year.

However, the purchase tax exemption has been confirmed to continue in 2023, while the purchase subsidy will not.

Zeekr sells out all available capacity for this year, new orders to be delivered in 2023

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