CEO said the X03 will surpass the Rolls-Royce Cullinan in terms of rear space and comfort.

Li Auto founder, chairman, and CEO Li Xiang has confirmed that the company is also building a model codenamed X03, in addition to the Li L8, which was confirmed during Monday's earnings call.

A user left a message in one of Li's Weibo posts on Monday saying he wanted a big five-seater and wanted to wait for Li Auto's X03.

Li confirmed the existence of the model in its reply to him, saying the X03 would surpass the Rolls-Royce Cullinan in terms of rear space and comfort.

However, some users are concerned whether the X03 will make consumers who have currently reserved the Li L9 regret it. Li said in response that the X03 is only a five-seater, with much less space and specifications than the Li L9.

As background, the only model currently being delivered by Li Auto is the Li ONE EREV (extended-range electric vehicle), which has the internal code name M01.

The Li L9 SUV, launched on June 21, has the internal code name X01, and the Li L8's is X02.

Those who want to buy the Li ONE now can wait a bit longer, the new Li L8 will be available soon, said He Lei, CEO of local car website Xchuxing, on Weibo on August 14.

Li also mentioned in an exchange with users on Weibo on August 15 that for consumers who are currently waiting for the Li L8, they can skip buying the Li ONE at this stage.

The Li L8 will be built on the same platform as the Li L9 and can be seen as a smaller version of the Li L9, but still with a longer wheelbase than the Li ONE, according to some local media reports.

A smaller-sized Li L7 is expected to be produced in small batches in February 2023, with full production starting in April and its launch likely to be at the end of this year, Weibo blogger @ Blood旌旗said on August 10.

The information means that the X03 will likely be named the Li L7.

Earlier this month, some alleged patent images of the X03 model were circulated on Weibo, showing a rough idea of what the model would look like.

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