From January to July, the Model Y remained at the top of the premium SUV sales rankings.

Tesla's deliveries in China were down sharply in July, with production disrupted by the Shanghai plant upgrade and the vast majority of vehicles being exported.

The Tesla Model 3 sedan retail sales in China were 821 units in July, down 87.32 percent from 6,477 units a year ago and down 96.82 percent from 25,788 units in June, according to data released today by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).

From January to July, Model 3 sales in China were 64,730 units, down 29.12 percent from 91,322 units in the same period last year.

The Tesla Model Y SUV sales in China were 7,640 units in July, according to the CPCA. That's up 256.34 percent from 2,144 units in the same period last year, but down 85.35 percent from 52,150 units in June.

From January to July, Model Y sales in China were 141,306 units, up 192.41 percent from 48,324 units in the same period last year.

Notably, despite Model Y's significant sales decline in China in July, the model still ranked No. 1 in China from January to July in sales of premium SUVs with a starting price above RMB 300,000 ($44,400), according to the CPCA.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC ranked second on the list with 86,643 units, and the Audi Q5 came in third with 85,209 units.

In July's high-end SUV sales rankings, the Tesla Model Y ranked fifth, according to the CPCA.

Tesla China's wholesale sales in July were 28,217 units, down 64.24 percent from 78,906 units in June and down 14.41 percent from 32,968 units in the same month last year, according to data released yesterday by the CPCA.

Tesla China exported 19,756 vehicles in July, meaning 8,461 vehicles were delivered to local consumers.

Tesla China's sharp decline in wholesale sales in July was not due to new obstacles to its operations, but rather to production line upgrades that created disruptions to production.

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