In July, the 001 again received more than 10,000 orders with non-refundable deposits, with the average order amount exceeding RMB 335,000 (US$49,680).

Geely's premium electric vehicle subsidiary Zeekr delivered 5,022 units of the Zeekr 001 - its only model currently on sale - in July, up 16.74 percent from 4,302 units in June, it announced today.

Since deliveries began last October, Zeekr has delivered a cumulative total of 30,039 Zeekr 001 vehicles, data monitored by CnEVPost shows.

In July, Zeekr 001 received more than 10,000 orders with non-refundable deposits again, with the average order amount exceeding RMB 335,000 ($49,680), the company said.

Zeekr added 16 new stores in July. As of July 31, it had 390 charging stations in 62 cities in China, according to the company.

In March 2021, Zeekr was officially established as a stand-alone company, and on April 15, the Zeekr 001 was announced, offering three models that are currently priced at RMB 299,000, RMB 299,000, and RMB 349,000, respectively.

(Image credit: Zeekr)

On July 11, Zeekr announced a new Zeekr 001 variant, the Zeekr 001 Me Edition, bringing the number of available versions of the model to four.

The Zeekr 001 Me Edition is priced at RMB 349,000, up from RMB 299,000 for the We Edition and down from RMB 386,000 for the You Edition, and was already available for pre-order on July 11.

The company also announced on July 11 the release of a new generation of intelligent cockpits based on Qualcomm's 8155 chip, which is upgradable for all users, including those who have already received deliveries.

Unlike the previous approach of and Voyah, the premium electric division of Dongfeng Motor, Zeekr is offering the upgrade for free.

This next-generation smart cockpit computing platform features an 8-core CPU based on a 7nm process, with 177 percent more CPU power and 94 percent more GPU power, according to Zeekr.

On July 22, Zeekr teased the Zeekr 009, confirming that it is building an electric MPV, which will be its second model.

Zeekr's free Qualcomm 8155 chip upgrade upsets some NIO owners