As of today, has seven Superchargers in Inner Mongolia, as well as 13 destination charging stations.

(Image credit: Tesla)

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) has opened its first offline store in Inner Mongolia, marking the US electric vehicle (EV) maker's increased efforts in North China.

Tesla's store in Hohhot is now officially operational and is an important starting point for its service expansion in Inner Mongolia, the company announced today.

The store can provide consumers with one-stop services, including new vehicle delivery, inspection, insurance consultation, temporary license plate processing and vehicle maintenance, and can also further expand the concept of low-carbon living, Tesla said.

The local new energy vehicle (NEV) market is entering an accelerated phase of development in Hohhot, an important central city in China's northern border region and the provincial capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

A government document released in March this year showed that Inner Mongolia will support the development of the NEV industry, including arranging RMB 200 million ($30 million) in special bonds to support the construction of charging stations and hydrogen refueling stations.

The document also mentioned that charging facilities in highway service areas should be spaced no more than 100 kilometers apart, that at least 95 percent of all charging piles should be functional, and that all new residential areas should provide charging facilities or provide conditions for future installations.

At present, the consumption of NEVs in Inner Mongolia has shown rapid growth.

Of the 24.1 percent of respondents who have not yet purchased a car, 82.5 percent of consumers will choose to buy a NEV when they purchase a car, the official Securities Times said today, citing a survey by the local statistics bureau.

In addition to opening stores, Tesla will continue to increase the expansion of its charging network in Inner Mongolia to make it easier for more owners to travel across cities, according to Ma Li, Tesla's regional director for the northern region of China.

With the improvement of Tesla's charging facilities in Inner Mongolia, the potential of the market will be further stimulated, said Ma.

As of now, Tesla has seven Supercharger stations in Inner Mongolia, including 47 Superchargers. It also has 13 destination charging stations here, offering 23 destination charging piles, according to the company.

The first store in Inner Mongolia is a continuation of Tesla's efforts in northern China.

Last December 31, Tesla announced the opening of its first store in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.