From January to May, Leapmotor delivered a cumulative total of 40,735 vehicles, up 347.44 percent from 9,104 vehicles in the same period last year.

Leapmotor delivers record 10,069 vehicles in May, up 10.8% from April-CnEVPost

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) startup Leapmotor delivered 10,069 vehicles in May, surpassing March's 10,059 and setting a new record high, according to data released today.

That's up 10.81 percent from April and up 215.15 percent from a year ago.

From January to May, Leapmotor's cumulative deliveries were 40,735 units, up 347.44 percent from 9,104 units in the same period last year, according to data monitored by CnEVPost.

Leapmotor was founded in 2015 and currently sells the T03 minivan, the S01 coupe and the C11 flagship SUV, for which the company does not release breakdown sales figures.

On May 10, Leapmotor unveiled its flagship sedan, the C01, and began accepting reservations for a price range of RMB 180,000 ($26,770) to RMB 270,000.

It is a mid-size sedan over 5 meters in length and is offered in five versions with four options of range including 500 km, 606 km, 717 km and 630 km.

The Leapmotor C01 will be equipped with CTC (cell to chassis) technology, which will integrate the battery, chassis and underbody together, thus eliminating the need for a separate battery pack for the vehicle.

The Leapmotor C01 has body dimensions of 5,050 mm * 1,902 mm * 1,509 mm, a wheelbase of 2,930 mm and 496L of trunk space.

At the end of March, Leapmotor submitted its application for listing in Hong Kong, and its prospectus said the company plans to launch 1-3 new models each year over the next few years, with 8 new models to be launched by the end of 2025.

Leapmotor delivers record 10,069 vehicles in May, up 10.8% from April-CnEVPost

(Image credit: Leapmotor)

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