The model codenamed F30 will likely be built on a new platform other than 's existing David and Edward platforms.

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XPeng Motors (NYSE: XPEV, HKG: 9868) will deliver its new SUV, the G9, this year, and the company may have a new model to announce in addition to it.

The Shenzhen subsidiary of Bomin Electronics (SHA: 603936) has become a parts supplier for XPeng's models codenamed F30 and E38, the Shanghai-listed company said in an announcement today.

XPeng currently sells the P7 and P5 sedans, as well as the G3i, a facelift of the G3 SUV, and on November 19 last year announced the G9, a new SUV that will begin deliveries this year.

Previous information showed that the P7 was codenamed E28, the P5 was D55, the G3 was D20 and the G9 was E38.

Bomin's announcement implies that the model codenamed F30 will be XPeng's next model, or fifth model.

The supply has a lifecycle of five years and the deal is expected to be worth RMB 250 million ($39 million) to 300 million, Bomin's announcement said.

Bomin's main business is the production of electronic components, including printed circuit boards, which are used in fields including automobiles, communications equipment, medical devices, testing systems and aerospace.

Back to XPeng, the company currently has two platforms, David and Edward. From the model code names, those starting with D are built on the David platform, and those with code names starting with E are built on the Edward platform.

The new model F30's code name starts with F, which has led to speculation that the model will be built on the new platform.

In fact, the speculation is well-founded.

XPeng's prospectus for its Hong Kong IPO filed in late June mentioned that it has started investing in the development of a new platform in addition to its two existing smart electric vehicle platforms, David and Edward.

"We plan to expand our product portfolio to offer products that meet different customer preferences in the mid-to-high end of the Chinese passenger car market," the company said.

No information is yet available on the model codenamed F30, as this is the first time it has been revealed.