That's 12 days earlier than originally planned, and Evergrande will hold an official roll-out ceremony for its first vehicle in early January next year, local media said.

Evergrande reportedly sees first production vehicle of Hengchi 5 roll off line-CnEVPost

The first production unit of Evergrande Group's car-making arm Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Group's first mass-production model, the Hengchi 5, has successfully rolled off the production line on December 30, 12 days ahead of schedule, local media said, citing sources familiar with the matter.

Evergrande held a low-key rollout event at its Tianjin plant today, the report said, adding that the company will hold a formal rollout ceremony for the first car in early January next year.

On Monday, Weibo car blogger @理想嘉-大D posted messages indicating that Hengchi 5 has seen the first trial production vehicle roll off the line.

The move does not mean Evergrande's production line is SOP (start of production) capable, it is only a production task to adjust the production line equipment, reported on Monday.

On November 9, China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (the MIIT) released a preliminary list of models that will be allowed to be sold, seeking public feedback until November 16.

The Hengchi 5 LX was listed at the time, containing the HDE6470BEVA1F and HDE6470BEVA0F models.

Appearing in the MIIT's catalog is the last major regulatory process for a model to be sold in China, usually only 4-6 months before the vehicle is officially launched.

However, surprisingly, both models disappeared from the final list released by the MIIT on December 8, for reasons that are not yet known.

Evergrande sees first trial vehicle roll off production line

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