plans to put the first four battery swap stations into operation in Norway within this year.

NIO's first battery swap station in Oslo, Norway, has completed construction and is expected to open soon, CnEVPost has learned on Thursday.

This is NIO's first facility in the overseas market, and the company has previously said that its European version of the charging map and the first four second-generation battery swap stations in Norway will be operational this year.

In 2022, NIO will build battery swap stations in five Norwegian cities, with the goal of having 20 of the facilities in Norway by the end of 2022.

Pictures obtained by CnEVPost show that NIO's first battery swap station in Norway looks the same as the facility in China, except that the surrounding environment is not full of tall buildings.

NIO officially announced the price of its first export model, the ES8, in Norway on September 30 and launched customer deliveries, although the company did not disclose the exact figures.

The ES8 starts at NOK 609,000, or about $69,300, in Norway. In comparison, the model starts at RMB 468,000, or about $72,200, before subsidies in China.

For Norwegian consumers, the immediately available ES8 model is the Signature Edition with the 100-kWh battery pack, which starts at NOK 759,000. If customers choose BaaS, the starting price of the model is reduced to NOK 599,000, with a monthly battery rental fee of NOK 1,999.

On October 1, NIO opened its first NIO House in Norway.

Over the past few months, NIO has been steadily moving forward with plans to bring its business to Norway.

On July 7, Lutz Frankhol, Executive Director of TÜV Rheinland Shanghai, awarded TÜV Rheinland EU certification to Shen Fei, Vice President of NIO Power, at the CPSE International Charging and Switching Exhibition in Shanghai.

Obtaining EU certification is a mandatory requirement for exporting electrical equipment to Europe, and only by obtaining EU certification can we be qualified to export to Europe.

With this, NIO's battery swap station, supercharging pile and home charger pile have obtained both TÜV Rheinland EU certificate and TÜV MARK certificate, meaning the company can formally begin to build battery swap stations, supercharging piles and home charger piles in Europe.

In the Chinese market, NIO has been accelerating the construction of its energy replenishment system since the second half of this year.

According to CnEVPost data, as of October 27, NIO has 567 battery swap stations and 406 supercharging stations in China, providing 2,458 charging piles.

In addition, the company has 556 destination charging stations offering 3,095 charging piles and access to more than 420,000 third-party charging piles.