(Update: Added Han EV and Han DM breakdowns)

(Graphic by CnEVPost)

's flagship sedan Han sold 9,035 units in August, up 126 percent year-over-year and up 6 percent from July, the company announced Friday.

Sales of the BYD Han began in July last year, with cumulative sales to date standing at 110,344 units.

Notably, Han models include the Han EV, an all-electric version with an NEDC range of 605 kilometers, and the Han DM, a hybrid model with a range of only 81 kilometers on pure electric power.

BYD announced Han model sales as a combined figure for the two models, with Han EV sales of 6,198 units in August and Han DM sales of 2,837 units in August, according to updated figures released by the company on Monday.

BYD sold 61,409 new energy vehicles in August, up 302 percent from a year ago and up about 22 percent from July.

That includes 60,508 passenger cars, and 901 commercial vehicles, the company said.

Among new energy passenger vehicles, it sold 30,126 DM models and 30,382 EV models.

In addition to Han model sales, BYD also announced sales of its other models.

Tang series SUV models sold 6,240 units in August, Song series SUVs 17,691 units, Qin series models 22,384 units, Yuan series models 4,782 units and e series models 3,513 units.