Alibaba invests in autonomous driving company

L4 autonomous driving solution provider has recently added Alibaba to its list of shareholders, information from data provider Qichacha shows.

The company's registered capital increased by 27.02 percent from RMB 1,893,500 ($292,000) to RMB 2,405,200.

Alibaba invests in autonomous driving company

Alibaba became the majority shareholder with a 19.68 percent stake, the information shows.

Alibaba invests in autonomous driving company was founded in February 2019, and its business scope includes technology development and technical consulting for autonomous driving, computer application software development and urban distribution and transportation services.

The Futian District of Shenzhen, a megacity in southern China, partnered with on July 19 to officially offer a RoboTaxi manned application demonstration service to the public.

The company has deployed 20 RoboTaxi vehicles in Shenzhen, operating in an area covering nearly one hundred stations including the core CBD, with a total operating stretch of more than 200 kilometers.

In April this year, became the first company to be able to conduct tests of RoboTaxi manned applications in Shenzhen.

Since its establishment in February 2019, has conducted a large number of road tests in core urban areas of cities including Shenzhen, Wuhan and Hangzhou, with a total stretch of over 2 million kilometers of safe testing.

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