has passed the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing hearing and will soon become the second Chinese electric vehicle company to list in Hong Kong after Motors, a filing shows.

Li Auto's co-sponsors for the Hong Kong listing are Goldman Sachs and CICC, and its financial adviser is UBS, according to the filing, which was released to the HKEx on Monday.

The amount of shares Li Auto will offer in Hong Kong and the timeline for the listing are currently unknown.

The document describes the current state of the Chinese auto market and Li Auto's situation, without much new content.

But it mentions the company's product roadmap, saying it plans to launch the first product on the X platform, a full-size luxury electric SUV with extended range technology, in 2022 and two other SUVs on its X platform in 2023.

Li Auto said it is investing heavily in high-voltage pure electric vehicle technology. "We are focused on developing pure electric vehicles with ultra-fast charging capability, or high-voltage pure electric vehicles, which we believe will deliver a superior charging experience," the company said.

Under the company's planned high-power charging network, charging will be faster, cheaper and more accessible, Li Auto said.

Li Auto is developing two platforms - Whale and Shark - for future high-voltage electric models, and the company plans to launch at least two high-voltage electric models per year starting in 2023, the document shows.

The company also said it is investing heavily in autonomous driving technology, believing that L4 autonomous driving will be the primary mode of operation for all vehicles in the foreseeable future.

"Starting in 2022, all of our new models will come with the necessary hardware compatible with our in-house developed L4 autonomous driving as standard, and we will continue to optimize our autonomous driving solutions using our self-developed full-stack software development capabilities," the company said.