Toyota has announced recalls in China for vehicles in the Corolla series (known in China as "Corolla" and "Levin") and Alphard series, two announcements on Friday on the official website of the State Administration for Market Regulation showed.

They involve 116,551 Corolla vehicles produced by Tianjin FAW Toyota from August 2019 to July 2021 and 109,034 Levin vehicles produced by GAC Toyota from May 2019 to July 2021.

These vehicles are equipped with an adaptive cruise control system, and when the vehicle is driven with the system activated, the brake lights do not illuminate when the system performs light braking in some speed ranges due to imperfect programming of the brake control computer, according to the announcement.

This does not meet the requirements of China's national mandatory technical standards, and in extreme cases it may cause rear-end, the announcement said.

Tianjin FAW Toyota and GAC Toyota will upgrade the adaptive cruise control program of the brake control computer for the vehicles within the recall free of charge.

Before the recall repair, users are advised to suspend the use of the adaptive cruise function and enter the store in time for the program upgrade after the recall begins, the announcement said.

The recall of a total of 12,955 imported Alphard units with production dates from December 2017 to April 2019 is due to a safety hazard with the idle-stop feature.

Due to inadequate control procedures and insufficient battery insulation, if the vehicle is used idle-stop for a long time when the battery temperature is high, it can lead to insufficient battery charging and accelerated battery deterioration, the announcement said.

In extreme cases, after the vehicle enters idle-stop mode, the engine cannot start again and rear-end accidents may occur, the announcement said.

The recall is a repeat of the November 2019 recall and this time the recall has been expanded. Toyota said it found through further investigation that the repair measures for the first recall could not fully eliminate the defect.

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