Toyota unveils next-gen autonomous driving system design, to be used first in Toyota model
The model will begin road testing in China this year and enter the daily operation of self-driving mobility services in the first half of 2023.
BYD says its project with Toyota still confidential
A report earlier today said Toyota will launch an all-electric compact car in China in April next year that will use BYD's core technologies.
Toyota reportedly plans to launch EV with BYD technology in China
The model will be unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show next April and could cost less than 200,000 yuan ($30,000) and will only be sold in China.
Toyota said to cut its global car production plan in September by 40%
Toyota originally aimed to build fewer than 900,000 vehicles in September, a figure that has been reduced to 500,000.
Toyota recalls over 200,000 vehicles in China for non-compliant adaptive cruise control system
They involve 116,551 Corolla vehicles produced by Tianjin FAW Toyota from August 2019 to July 2021 and 109,034 Levin vehicles produced by GAC Toyota from May 2019 to July 2021.
BYD said to be producing electric cars for Toyota
Toyota will only be responsible for accepting the vehicles and putting the Toyota logo on the new vehicles. The new car has already started road tests, the report said.
XPeng CEO hints Toyota will become the 'Nokia' of the electric car era
When Nokia CEO Jorma Ollila announced his agreement to the Microsoft acquisition at a press conference, he said, "We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost."
Toyota reportedly to offer hybrid technology to Chinese automakers
Toyota has decided to supply the core system of its hybrid vehicle to major Chinese automaker Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC), the first time in Toyota's history that it will offer hybrid vehicle technology to a foreign company, according to Nikkei Asia on Thursday.
Toyota and five Chinese firms to set up fuel cell system development company
Toyota recently announced that in order to popularize hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs) in China, it has joined forces with five Chinese companies to establish a commercial vehicle a fuel cell system development company.
First electric cars from Toyota, Lexus will be launched in China
Toyota will launch pure electric models in China to catch up with competitors in the market.