Porsche recalls 6,072 Taycan EVs in China
Some of the vehicles may have rear seat belt latch harnesses that are not properly wired, resulting in child seats not being properly installed in the rear right seat.
Tesla recalls 107,293 vehicles in China, will offer fixes via OTA
Some vehicles may face slowed operation of the central processor and sluggish display of the central touch display when preparing for or during DC fast charging.
BYD recalls 9,663 Tang DM vehicles due to battery pack safety hazards
Up to now, the cumulative sales of the Tang family of models have exceeded 320,000 units.
Tesla recalls 14,684 Model 3 vehicles in China due to software issue
This comes less than a month after Tesla last recalled 127,785 Model 3 vehicles in China.
BREAKING: Tesla recalls 127,785 Model 3 vehicles in China due to risk of losing power while driving
The potential failure can cause the vehicle to fail to start if it occurs when the vehicle is in park, and can cause the vehicle to lose driving power if it occurs when the vehicle is in motion.
Mercedes-Benz EQC recall plan in China fails to quell customer discontent
Mercedes-Benz had planned to recall a total of 10,104 EQC vehicles from August 15, but many owners have asked the company to advance that process with new demands.
Beijing Benz to recall 10,104 EQC vehicles after users complain of motor problems
A month ago, dozens of EQC owners in China released a joint statement saying their vehicles had experienced at least one motor failure.
Tesla recalls 26,047 China-made Model 3 and Model Y vehicles due to software issue
Tesla will carry out software upgrades for the vehicles in the recall through OTA, so that users can complete the recall without visiting a store.
BREAKING: Tesla recalls 199,741 vehicles in China
Tesla is recalling 199,741 electric vehicles in China because of safety hazards in the front trunk as well as the rear trunk.
Tesla's Chinese supplier downplays Model Y recall's impact on it
Ningbo Tuopu said the company's products involved in the recall were only used in the Model Y and not in other Tesla models or those of other customers.