, the premium electric car brand of Chinese auto giant Geely, on Thursday unveiled its first model, the Zeekr 001, a renaming of the model previously known as the Lynk ZERO.

The model has a 0-100km acceleration time of as short as 3.8s and an NEDC range of up to 712km.

It has a subsidized starting price of RMB 281,000 ($43,030) and a top trim price of RMB 360,000, a range that has a lot of overlap with the Model 3.

The Zeekr 001 combines the design language of an SUV and a sedan, with a length of 4970mm, a wheelbase of 3005mm, and wind resistance of 0.23Cd.

The car has a 50:50 weight distribution, which the company says is designed to provide a stable handling experience.

The top-spec version of the car features a fully automatic air suspension with a CCD electromagnetic damping system and adjustable ground clearance in the 117mm-200mm range.

The full vehicle is equipped with 15 HD cameras with up to 8 megapixels. It has one 250m ultra-long-range millimeter-wave radar and 12 short-range ultrasonic radars.

It has a centimeter-level high precision map for lane level perception and global optimal path planning.

It is equipped with a high-performance permanent magnet electric drive system with a maximum speed of 200km/h for the dual-motor version and a maximum motor torque of 768N·m and a maximum power of 400kW.

The Zeekr 001 is equipped with a 15.4-inch center suspension screen and a 14.7-inch head-up display system. It also has face recognition fatigue monitoring and 5G transmission network features.

The car is powered by 's batteries and is available in three models, with the long-range dual-motor version having a combined range of 526km and a 0-100km acceleration time of 3.8s.

It supports up to 360kW super-fast charging, achieving a range of 120km in as little as 5 minutes of charging; the battery takes 25 minutes to charge from 30%-80%.

Its ultra-long-range single motor version with 100kWh battery has a range of up to 712km and an acceleration time of 6.9s from 0-100km.

Both models are priced at RMB 281,000 after subsidies.

The ultra-long-range dual-motor version of the car offers air suspension, intelligent induction automatic doors and is priced at RMB 360,000.

Geely plans to launch new EV brand Zeekr to Target Tesla

(Source: Zeekr)