's "Huawei Inside" smart cars, built in cooperation with car companies, have been mass-produced and can drive automatically without intervention in dense urban areas, the technology giant said.

Huawei's 18th global analyst conference was held in Shenzhen on April 12-14, and as one of Huawei's key investments in recent years, the smart car solutions business became the most talked about topic.

Huawei-developed smart car components have been fully marketed and are gradually gaining applications, according to Xu Zhijun, Huawei's rotating chairman.

Xu said that at the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show in April, cars built on the Huawei Inside partnership model will demonstrate their self-driving capabilities in densely populated urban areas.

Huawei's technology will enable the vehicle to drive itself for 1,000 kilometers in urban areas without intervention, an experience that will be "much better than Tesla," he said.

Huawei has partnered with three car companies to create three sub-brands, and smart cars with the "Huawei Inside" logo will start rolling out in the fourth quarter of this year, Huawei said Monday.

Huawei to launch sub-brand 'Huawei Inside' for cars in Q4

Xu said the Intelligent Vehicle Solutions BU is a key investment in Huawei's industry, with its own sales, delivery and all other organizational capabilities, and is Huawei's most complete BU in addition to the consumer BG.

Huawei's positioning is a car parts provider, the strategy is to help car companies to build a "good car", Huawei is also trying to help car companies sell cars.

Huawei has selected three car company partners, with the "Huawei Inside" way to support them to build their own sub-brands, Xu said.

Huawei and BAIC New Energy to create the ARCFOX brand, will soon launch a series of cars for the market, with Changan and Guangzhou Auto also have similar cooperation, he said.

Huawei says its self-driving technology better than Tesla's