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As a major endorsement of the NIO-led battery swap model, Geely Technology Group announced its battery swap model for the first time at a press conference in Chongqing today, and plans to complete construction of 35 battery swap stations in the city this year.

NIO is currently the most prominent proponent of the battery swap model among Chinese automakers, and analysts believe the model is poised for explosive growth under NIO's leadership.

Geely Technology Group set out to develop the battery swap new energy model and technology in 2017, conducting extensive market research and analysis and choosing the technology route over a three-year period.

The company says it has more than 1,000 people involved in research and development, conducted more than 30,000 related experiments, while obtaining more than 1,000 patents related to battery swap.

Geely announced this progress at the 2020 China International Intelligent Industry Expo, which showcased its dual-compartment smart battery swap station, covering an area of about 126 square meters. It has 39 built-in charging bins, vehicles can battery swap at great speed in the station, a single station daily service to reach nearly 1,000 car times.

A car can be battery swap from driving into the battery swap station, to the vehicle intelligent identification, inspection, and then to the chassis battery replacement, intelligent payment, the vehicle leaves the battery swap station and other aspects of the process is very smooth.

Geely said, the battery swap station is based on high modularity, high compatibility, high security, high intelligence of the battery swap technology platform, developed with battery swap, charging, monitoring, fire, intelligent temperature control, battery maintenance and other functions as one of the intelligent energy replenishment terminal, can to new energy Car users to provide safe, convenient, efficient and reliable replenishment service.

It is worth mentioning that the intelligent battery swap station adopts a highly compatible battery swap platform modular architecture, can be adapted to a variety of vehicles, more conducive to market penetration.

According to the plan, in 2021, Geely Technology Group will build 100 battery swap stations in Chongqing, and in 2023, more than 200 battery swap stations will be completed, making Chongqing a model city for battery swap.

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