Xpeng's charging stations exceed 1,000

Xpeng Motors announced today that it has reached 1,140 charging stations under its own brand, covering 164 cities in China.

Xpeng opens Shenzhen R&D center, aims to expand to over 500 employees in coming year

Xpeng Motors is one of the strongest Chinese companies in autonomous driving technology, and to strengthen that position, the company is continuing to increase its talent pool.

Xpeng delivers 5,147 vehicles in April, up 0.88% from March

Compared to the same month last year, Xpeng's deliveries were up 285 percent, marking the 10th consecutive month of year-on-year growth of more than 100 percent.

Xpeng builds 13 charging stations along route from Chengdu to Lhasa

Although the area is sparsely populated and sparsely traveled, electric vehicle companies don't want to forget about their customers here.

Xpeng to report Q1 earnings on May 13, 13,300 vehicles delivered in the quarter

In the first quarter, Xpeng delivered 13,300 new vehicles, an increase of 487% year-on-year.

Xpeng charging piles to be available in all Chinese cities, CEO says

Xpeng plans to be present in all Chinese cities and dozens of top-ranked counties this year, He said.

Xpeng CEO says confident P5 sales will outpace EV maker's other models

He Xiaopeng said the P7 is a quest for the ultimate, including performance, looks and personality, while the P5 is geared toward the family.

Xpeng wants to do something different with its P7 Wing edition, and now it has a copycat

The P7 Wing edition, unveiled by Chinese electric car company Xpeng Motors at the Guangzhou auto show last November, is a welcome daring attempt to bring the scissor doors previously reserved for supercars to a civilian car.

Xpeng selects Wuhan plant site, plans to start construction this year

After several site visits, Xpeng Motors has decided to locate its 100,000-unit-per-year vehicle and powertrain project in Wuhan, central China, at the General Aviation and Satellite Industrial Park in the local economic development zone, official media cnr.cn reported Thursday.

Xpeng says P5 orders have surpassed 10,000, just 53 hours from opening for pre-orders

Xpeng has not yet announced a price for the model. But the P5's top-spec model could cost around RMB 200,000 yuan ($30,734), which would put it in the price range of some mainstream fuel cars.
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