HiPhi Z

HiPhi launches new variant of HiPhi Z with starting price reduced by $13,700

HiPhi has eliminated some premium features on the new variant of the HiPhi Z, thereby bringing down the starting price significantly.

HiPhi begins accepting pre-orders for HiPhi X and HiPhi Z in Europe, deliveries to begin in Q3

HiPhi's third model, the HiPhi Y, which will be launched in China on July 15, will also be introduced to the European market soon and will be available for pre-order there by the end of the year.

HiPhi begins mass production of 2nd model HiPhi Z, deliveries to begin in Jan

The HiPhi Z coupe has a starting price of RMB 610,000, with the first production cars rolling off the production line on December 20.

Human Horizons officially launches 2nd model HiPhi Z, starting at around $88,800

The HiPhi Z with futuristic design is available in five-seat and four-seat versions with starting prices of RMB 610,000 ($88,800) and 630,000 respectively.

Human Horizons officially unveils HiPhi Z, its 2nd premium model under HiPhi brand

The HiPhi Z features a futuristic design and a price tag of up to 800,000 yuan ($119,280).