Mercedes-Benz EQS

Mercedes-Benz recalls 2,380 EQ series EVs in China due to risk of power loss while driving

Due to a software deviation, some of the vehicles included in the recall may experience a high-voltage battery disconnection, which could cause the vehicle to lose power while driving.

Mercedes recalls thousands of EQS cars in China over risks including loss of power

Some of the vehicles being recalled have a risk of loss of power, while others have problems with the battery management system's software.

Mercedes-Benz recalls 32,786 imported S-Class and EQS vehicles in China due to software issue

Due to a software issue, the ESP internal monitoring program in the vehicles covered by this recall may incorrectly determine a malfunction at the start of the driving cycle.

Mercedes-Benz launches EQS SUV in China with starting price of over $132,000

The EQS SUV is the latest offering from Mercedes-Benz in China, where it has previously released several all-electric models that have had lukewarm sales.

Mercedes-Benz slashes EQ series prices in China by up to $33,740

Despite the steep price cuts, industry watchers remain pessimistic about the performance of the Mercedes-Benz EQ series in China.

Mercedes-Benz to recall 11,908 vehicles in China, including 660 EQS EVs

The Mercedes-Benz EQS was officially launched in China earlier this year and currently has a price range of RMB 107,4600 ($159,250) to RMB 1,513,600.

Mercedes-Benz allows Chinese EQS owners to upgrade their vehicles' rear-wheel steering system, but they need to subscribe on annual basis

Entry-level EQS owners can have their car's active rear-wheel steering angle increased from 4.5° to 10° after the upgrade, thereby reducing the turning diameter.

Mercedes-Benz launches EQS to China with starting price 2.4 times that of Nio ET7

Mercedes-Benz offers four versions of the EQS with retail prices of RMB 1,079,600 - RMB 1,518,600.