BYD Han open for pre-order for same price as Tesla Model 3
BYD said today that BYD Han is now available for pre-order. The new car is available in two versions, EV (pure electric) and DM (plug-in hybrid), with an estimated starting price of 290,000 yuan.
BYD Han's in-vehicle system uses Tai Chi-themed UI design
BYD today announced the design of the in-vehicle system UI of BYD Han, claiming to be inspired by Tai Chi.
BYD expects Q1 net profit to fall at least 80% year-on-year
The performance forecast released on Monday by BYD showed that it is expected to make a profit of 50 million yuan to 150 million yuan in the first quarter, a year-on-year decrease of 79.99%-93.33%.
This is what BYD Han DM looks like
According to BYD's announcement, Han will launch two models, DM and EV.
BYD and Toyota joint EV firm formally established
Less than 5 months from the signing of the joint venture agreement, the establishment of a pure electric vehicle research and development company by BYD and Toyota Motor has finally entered a substantive stage.
BYD Han EV has a new entry-level model with 506 km range
In the latest edition of the New Energy Vehicle Promotion Catalogue, "BYD7009BEV2 Pure Electric Sedan" appears, the new NEDC has a range of 506km and looks to be another range model of BYD Han EV.
Will BYD's Blade Battery bring change to the power battery industry?
In the history of hybrid and pure electric vehicles, lithium iron phosphate batteries were once considered by manufacturers to be the most suitable choice.
BYD says blind pursuit of battery energy density is irrational
BYD goes further and further on the road of lithium ferrophosphate.
Power battery industry gets a big player as BYD releases Blade Battery
As the global automobile industry enters a period of deep transformation, the new energy automobile industry has reached a very critical moment.
Wang Chuanfu steps down as chairman of Qinghai BYD lithium battery
According to the data of Tianyancha, on March 27, the industrial and commercial changes of, Wang Chuanfu stepped down as Qinghai BYD Lithium Battery Co., Ltd's legal representative and chairman, replaced by BYD vice president He Long, in addition, new director Zhao Jianping.