Gotion to add board member from Volkswagen
This brings the two non-independent directors on Gotion High-tech's board all from Volkswagen.
Gotion signs deal to supply at least 10 GWh of cells to Great Wall Motor's parts unit over next four years
Gotion High-tech will supply no less than 2.5 GWh of cells to Great Wall Motor's parts subsidiary in 2022.
Chinese lithium-ion battery makers encouraged to cut back on projects aimed solely at expanding capacity
Chinese regulators encourage lithium-ion battery makers to enhance technological innovation and reduce production costs.
LFP battery installations in China surpass ternary batteries for fourth month in a row
That lead narrowed in October, as LFP battery installations fell 11.6 percent from September, while ternary battery installations rose 13.5 percent from September.
EV battery maker Gotion achieves mass production of cells with ultra-high energy density
Gotion High-tech's ternary cells with high nickel content have an energy density of 302 Wh/kg, meaning we may see more models with NEDC ranges of around 1,000 km.
Expert expects batteries that will make flying cars reality could be available around 2025
Pennsylvania State University Professor Wang Chaoyang believes that commercial cab fleets, rather than privately owned flying cars, are likely to be the first to appear.
LFP battery installations in China continue to extend lead over ternary batteries in September
In the first nine months, China's power battery installed base was 92.0 GWh, up 169.1 percent year-on-year, with ternary batteries still taking the lion's share.
Dongfeng's premium EV brand Voyah unveils two battery safety technologies
Voyah unveiled battery packaging technologies it calls "Amber" and "Mica" that it claims are far safer than its peers.
EV battery maker Gotion signs deal to secure raw material supply amid soaring demand for LFP batteries
Jiangxi Special Electric Motor will supply Gotion High-tech with no less than 500 tons/month of battery-grade lithium carbonate, which can meet the raw material supply of at least 10 GWh of LFP batteries per year.
China's LFP battery installations extend its lead over ternary batteries in Aug
China's lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery installed base surpassed ternary batteries for the first time this year in July, and that lead widened in August.