The customer is a globally recognized automaker headquartered in Germany with a portfolio of well-known car brands, Transimage said.

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The sodium-ion battery unit of Chinese technology company Jiangsu Transimage Tech has won an order from a German automaker, making it the first Chinese company to announce an international order for sodium-ion batteries.

Transimage's sodium-ion battery unit Transimage Sodium-ion Battery Technology recently entered the supply chain of a globally recognized automaker and will provide sodium-ion batteries for the company's passenger cars, according to a stock exchange announcement by the Shenzhen-listed company today.

Transimage didn't name the customer, referring to it only as Customer A, citing restrictions under a non-disclosure agreement.

But the announcement said the customer is a globally recognized automaker headquartered in Germany and owns a number of well-known car brands.

Transimage received the order from Customer A's subsidiary responsible for its global battery business, which includes global battery plant operations, battery technology development, and vertical integration of the value chain, according to the announcement.

Access to this customer's supply chain system signifies recognition of Transimage's sodium-ion battery technology level, production capacity and quality control system, the company said.

Notably, the order is the first signed between Transimage and the automaker, and involves a relatively small quantity and amount of sodium-ion batteries, the announcement said.

Transimage, which was founded in November 2007, is mainly engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sales of input devices for notebook computers, and is a major supplier of core components for flexible circuit boards to four of the world's top keyboard makers, according to its website.

As of the end of March, Transimage had a sodium-ion battery capacity of 4.5 GWh, and its factories have achieved mass production but are still in the capacity-climbing stage, according to its exchange announcements on July 18.

In the first half of the year, Transimage produced 3.69 million cylindrical cells, including 3.53 million of the 18650 model and 163,900 of the 26700 model, according to its announcement.

In June, for the first time, Transimage achieved monthly production of more than 2 million cylindrical battery cells of the 18650 model and more than 100,000 cylindrical batteries of the 26700 model.

In January-June, the company's sodium-ion battery products brought in revenue of RMB 3.23 million ($449,300), of which RMB 2,759,800 in June, accounting for 85.35 percent of the first half of the year's revenue from sodium-ion batteries, according to its announcement.

Transimage's shares traded in Shenzhen rose by the single-day limit of 10 percent today.

($1=RMB 7.1966)

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