said it has reached 307,783 total smart driving users and 193,174 NOP+ users.

(Image credit: CnEVPost)

Nio (NYSE: NIO) has released its latest smart driving operations report to demonstrate its strength in the space.

Nio added 11,816 new smart driving users in March, bringing the total to 307,783, according to the report, which it posted on Weibo today.

The company's total number of NOP+ (Navigate on Pilot Plus) users reached 193,174, it said.

At the end of March, Nio's cumulative vehicle deliveries stood at 479,647, according to data compiled by CnEVPost.

Nio added 22.6 million kilometers of road verification in March, bringing the total to 63.436 million kilometers.

NOP+ added 74,500 new available kilometers in March, bringing the total mileage covered to 1,086,000 kilometers, which includes 726,000 kilometers of urban roads, 360,000 kilometers of highways and urban expressways, according to the company.

The mileage driven by users using smart driving increased by 59.23 million kilometers in March, including 420,000 kilometers of urban roads and 58.81 million kilometers of highways and urban expressways.

At the end of March, Nio users had driven a total of 849 million kilometers with smart driving, according to the company.

Nio's smart driving cloud computing power increased by 11.5 EOPS in March, bringing the total to 231.21 EOPS, according to the company. 1 EOPS equals 1024*1024 TOPS.

In addition to smart driving, Nio today also announced its March power up infrastructure operations report.

Of the energy received by Nio vehicles in March, 55.63 percent came from battery swap stations, 24.4 percent from home chargers, 16.34 percent from third-party public chargers, and 3.63 percent from Nio public chargers, according to the company.

Nio added 20 battery swap stations in March, bringing the facility's total to 2,397 at the end of March.

At the end of March, 80.2 percent of Nio owners could find at least 1 battery swap station within 3 kilometers of their home or office.

Nio's battery swap stations provided 1,995,820 services to car owners in March, with a daily average of 64,381.

On average, each Nio owner used the battery swap service 4 times in March, with the average duration of a single service being about 3 minutes.

The company added 183 charging piles in March, taking the total to 21,800.

Nio's charging piles provided 1,693,059 services in March, with about 85.45 percent of the orders coming from non-Nio-branded vehicles, according to the company.

Nio provided 16,940 battery upgrades in March, with a cumulative total of 213,440 for the service.

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