Polestar vehicles can charge at up to 120 kW at Supercharger stations, according to the EV maker.

(A screenshot from a Polestar video shows a Polestar 4 using one of Tesla's supercharging stations in China.)

Polestar (NASDAQ: PSNY) has officially plugged into Tesla's (NASDAQ: TSLA) charging network in China, after teasing the development last November.

Polestar models can now be charged at Tesla's Superchargers, destination charging stations that are open in the Chinese mainland, the electric vehicle (EV) maker announced today on Weibo.

The text Polestar posted doesn't mention any more details, though a video it shared shows that the vehicles appear to be specifically adapted to Tesla's charging network.

Owners can search for Tesla charging stations in the Polestar App and can have the parking lock unlocked by tapping a button in the vehicle's screen.

Polestar vehicles can charge at up to 120 kW at Tesla supercharging stations, according to the EV maker.

Originally a brand acquired by Volvo Cars in its early years, Polestar became independent with joint funding from Geely and Volvo, focusing on high-end EVs and headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.

In June 2022, Polestar went public on the Nasdaq through a merger with a SPAC (special purpose acquisition company).

Polestar China CEO Shen Ziyu said on November 16, 2023, that the company had entered into a partnership with Tesla, becoming one of the first partners to share Tesla's supercharger network in China.

That's part of Polestar China's efforts to build its own energy replenishment service system, and the company will build its own charging network and will access more third-party charging stations, Shen said at the time.

By the first quarter of 2024, Polestar would have built 60 of its own charging stations in China and would have access to a cumulative total of more than 550,000 third-party charging piles, Shen said.

Before Polestar, SAIC Motor's joint venture with General Motors, SAIC-GM, announced on November 10 last year that it would start accessing Tesla's charging network in China by the end of 2023, becoming the first car brand to do so in the country.

Yesterday, Tesla said it has more than 800 charging stations open to other brands' models, including more than 450 Supercharger stations and more than 350 destination charging stations.

As of now, Tesla has more than 1,900 Supercharger stations in China, offering more than 11,000 Superchargers, according to data it announced on March 6.

Polestar cuts Polestar 4's price in China by $8,340, but only for 100 units