An executive expected the updated Zeekr 001 to receive more than 30,000 firm orders within the first month of availability.

(File photo shows a 2023 Zeekr 001. Image credit: CnEVPost)

Zeekr has seen its updated version of Zeekr 001 garner over 15,000 firm orders in the first 10 days of its launch, local media outlet Wallstreetcn said today, citing people close to the company.

Zeekr is the premium electric vehicle (EV) subsidiary of Geely Holding Group. A firm order is generally defined as an order for which a non-refundable deposit has been paid, and the amount for Zeekr is RMB 5,000 yuan ($700).

The company did not release the order number on its official channels, though Geely Holding senior vice president Victor Yang retweeted the report on Weibo, suggesting the figure was accurate.

Zeekr vice president Lin Jinwen said that based on the current trend of increasing firm orders, the updated Zeekr 001 is expected to surpass 30,000 firm orders in its first month of availability, Yang wrote on Weibo.

"This is a very rare achievement in the current situation," Yang said.

Zeekr officially launched the updated Zeekr 001 on February 27 and began deliveries of the model on March 1.

Zeekr continues to offer four trim levels of the updated Zeekr 001, including two WE versions, both with a starting price of RMB 269,000 yuan. Another ME version starts at RMB 299,000 and a YOU version starts at RMB 329,000.

Compared to the 2023 model's discounted prices, the 2024 Zeekr 001 has the same starting price, but the other two higher-trim versions are both RMB 20,000 lower.

The updated Zeekr 001's exterior remains unchanged, but the core specifications have been significantly upgraded. This includes an upgrade of the voltage platform from 400 V to 800 V, resulting in faster charging and lower energy consumption.

The Zeekr 001, the first model of Zeekr, was launched on April 17, 2021 and deliveries began in October 2021.

The shooting brake model has been Zeekr's main seller, delivering 76,246 units in 2023, contributing 64 percent of the 118,685 units Zeekr delivered in the year, according to data compiled by CnEVPost.

Zeekr delivered 7,510 vehicles in February, up 37.67 percent year-on-year but down 40.10 percent from January, mainly due to the New Year holiday.

The Zeekr 001 contributed 2,663 units, or 35.46 percent, in February. The Zeekr 007 sedan contributed 4,204 units, or 55.98 percent.

($1 = RMB 7.1860)

Zeekr launches refreshed Zeekr 001 with upgraded specs and reduced prices