The Denza D9 MPV continues to be offered in hybrid and pure electric versions, with starting prices lowered by RMB 10,000 and RMB 16,000, respectively.

(Image credit: Denza)

's (HKG: 1211, OTCMKTS: BYDDY) premium Denza brand has updated its D9 MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle), offering lower prices while upgrading specifications.

Denza officially launched the 2024 D9 at an event today, continuing to offer the D9 DM-i with BYD's hybrid technology and the all-electric D9 EV.

The seven-seat Denza D9 DM-i offers five options with starting prices of RMB 339,800, RMB 359,800, RMB 389,800, RMB 409,800 and RMB 449,800.

The seven-seat D9 EV offers three options with starting prices of RMB 379,800, RMB 409,800 and RMB 469,800 respectively.

The D9 DM-i's latest price is RMB 10,000 lower than its predecessor, and the D9 EV's starting price is RMB 16,000 lower.

The previous D9 DM-i was sold in the price range of RMB 349,800 to RMB 445,800, and the D9 EV was sold in the price range of RMB 395,800 to RMB 465,800.

The D9 also offers a four-seat, hybrid D9 Pioneer option in addition to the regular seven-seat version. The model's starting price for the 2024 model is RMB 600,600, down from RMB 660,000 for its predecessor.

Deliveries of the 7-seater D9 started on the launch day and the D9 Pioneer will start in April.

The Denza D9 measures 5,250 mm in length, 1,960 mm in width and 1,920 mm in height, and has a wheelbase of 3,110 mm.

For comparison, 's (NYSE: XPEV) X9 measures 5,293 mm in length, 1,988 mm in width and 1,785 mm in height, and has a wheelbase of 3,160 mm; 's (NASDAQ: LI) Li Mega has a length, width and height of 5,350 mm, 1,965 mm and 1,850 mm, respectively, and a wheelbase of 3,300 mm.

The model maintains the same design as its predecessor in terms of exterior and interior, but has upgraded features including soft close automatic doors and an on-board refrigerator.

Denza was founded in February 2011 as a joint venture between BYD and Daimler, each holding a 50 percent stake at the time. In February 2022, the Daimler brand was rebranded as Mercedes.

BYD's stake in Denza increased to 90 percent in 2022, and Mercedes-Benz's stake decreased to 10 percent.

The D9 was the first model under the new Denza brand, and the MPV went on sale in August 2022 and deliveries started in October of the same year.

Apart from the D9, Denza has two other SUVs -- the N7 and N8.

Denza sold 127,840 vehicles in 2023, of which the D9 contributed 119,182, or 93 percent, according to data compiled by CnEVPost.

Denza to launch D9 MPV in HK in 2024