Yangwang unveiled the concept car and supercar platform at the Guangzhou auto show, which began today, showcasing some of its most advanced technologies.

(Image credit: Yangwang)

Yangwang, the premium brand of (OTCMKTS: BYDDY), has unveiled a concept car and a supercar platform that showcase some of its most advanced technologies at the Guangzhou auto show, which began today.

The concept is based on BYD's e⁴ technology, which has no traditional steering or brakes. It integrates drive, brake, and steering functions, allowing the vehicle to brake and steer without relying on traditional mechanics.

This technology, based on quad-motor independent drive, provides a strong safety redundancy for the vehicle, said Yangwang.

Even if only a single motor is able to operate, the vehicle will still be able to maintain basic driving capability, it said.

Each motor in the concept car has a power output of 220 kW-240 kW, and braking deceleration of up to 1 G can be achieved through precise control of motor torque and speed.

The concept recognizes steering intent by the steering wheel angle, and achieves steering similar to that of a normal steering system by controlling the torque and speed of the motors, Yangwang said.


The brand also unveiled a supercar platform, one of the platforms of the Yangwang Architecture. The other platform of the architecture is the Yangwang Off-road platform, whose first model is the already launched Yangwang U8.

Based on BYD's 20 years of technology accumulation in new energy vehicles (NEVs), the Yangwang supercar platform delivers extreme performance, as well as a safer, more luxurious and smarter driving experience, the brand said.

The Yangwang U9, the first model on the supercar platform, has more than 1,300 horsepower and a torsional stiffness of 54,425 N-m/°.

Yangwang has invested in more than 100 safety test vehicles for the supercar platform, which have been tested in 96 safety conditions. The brand's testing of the technology is currently ongoing, it said.

BYD launched the Yangwang brand in January, along with the e⁴'s technology platform, saying that the premium brand's entire future model lineup will be based on the platform.

The Yangwang U8, Yangwang's first production vehicle, has been officially launched, with deliveries expected to begin later this month.

BYD also announced the Yangwang U9 supercar in January, though that model has yet to be officially launched.

The interior of the Yangwang U9 was revealed for the first time at today's Guangzhou auto show.

BYD Yangwang concept car showcases ability to provide extra safety backups