The Sea Lion 07 will be an all-electric SUV based on 's e-Platform 3.0 and is expected to compete with the Model Y.

(Image credit: BYD)

BYD (OTCMKTS: BYDDY) will unveil a new model at the Guangzhou auto show, which begins Friday, adding to its existing dozen or so models.

At the Guangzhou auto show on November 17, BYD will let the new model in its Ocean Series, the Sea Lion 07, make its world debut, the Chinese new energy vehicle (NEV) giant said today on one of its WeChat accounts.

BYD didn't offer much more on its WeChat account, but shared several design sketches of the Sea Lion 07.

Separately, CnEVPost has learned that the Sea Lion 07 will be an all-electric SUV based on BYD's e-Platform 3.0, created by the team of Wolfgang Josef Egger, the company's global design director.

The BYD brand's models include the Dynasty Series and the Ocean Series, the latter of which uses the company's so-called Oceanic Aesthetic design language.

The Sea Lion 07 continues the design of BYD's Ocean X concept, which is the biggest feature on the exteriors of a number of other models, including the Seal.

Notably, in July 2022, local automotive media outlet Auto Home reported that BYD was building an SUV called the Sea Lion, which could compete with Tesla's Model Y.

The report said the Sea Lion was expected to go on sale in the third quarter of 2022. That didn't become a reality, though, and today is the first time BYD has mentioned the model publicly.

BYD divided its passenger car business into the Dynasty Series and the Sea Series last year, which are prominently displayed at the top of its official website.

The models in BYD's Dynasty Series are named after dynasties in Chinese history, including the Han, Tang, Qin, Song and Yuan series.

The Ocean Series models are named after sea creatures and ships, and new variants of a handful of Dynasty Series models are also attributed to the Ocean Series.

BYD sold a record 301,833 NEVs in October, including 151,749 Ocean Series models and 137,827 Dynasty Series models, according to figures it announced earlier this month.

BYD Oct sales breakdown: Song 63,965, Seagull 43,350