Lens Technology has long supplied lenses and related glass components to Apple and is also a core supplier to .

(A screenshot from 's video shows what is suspected to be the Nio phone.)

Nio (NYSE: NIO) has received a China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) for its first phone model, revealing more information about the device.

The Nio phone is made by Hunan-based Lens Technology, which has long supplied lenses and related glass components to Apple for use in devices like the iPhone. It is also a core supplier to Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) and has been supplying it for more than two years.

The device supports fast charging with up to 100 W of power, according to the certificate, which was issued on September 15.

The Nio phone will be an Android-powered smartphone, according to a previous regulatory filing. Android phones usually have charging speeds much higher than Apple's iPhones.

The iPhone 14 series has a charging power of up to 27 W. Apple launched the iPhone 15 series earlier this week and it did not announce the charging power of the model, though recent reports suggest that the specs will be the same as its predecessor.

Nio will launch its first phone model on September 21, according to words shared by a Weibo user earlier this month from the electric vehicle company's co-founder and president, Qin Lihong.

Deliveries of Nio's first phone will begin in late September, and the device is meaningful for adding to the competitiveness of Nio's models, Nio's management said in an analyst call after it reported second-quarter earnings on August 29.

Nio launched the new EC6 yesterday in an event that lasted less than 16 minutes, and a phone appeared several times in the first 50 seconds, raising suspicions that this could be the first phone model it will release next week.

The phone appears to use a curved screen with extremely narrow bezels.

The video shows that the device supports on-screen fingerprint unlocking, a feature that comes with many high-end Android-powered models.

Changes to Nio phone's filing reveal more specs

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