will launch the new EC6 on September 15, the Nio Phone on September 21, and hold Nio Day 2023 on December 23, according to the words of the EV maker's president shared by a Weibo user.

(A photo of the new EC6 circulating on Chinese social media in early August 2023.)

Nio (NYSE: NIO) management said late last month that the electric vehicle (EV) maker would launch its new EC6 coupe SUV and its first phone model in September, but no specific timeline was given. Now, they appear to be revealed.

Nio will launch the new EC6 on September 15 and will start deliveries soon, Weibo user @一鸣0272 quoted the EV firm's co-founder and president Qin Lihong as saying today at a partner conference.

This year's Nio Day, to be held in Xi'an, is tentatively scheduled for December 23, the user quoted Qin as saying.

(Image credit: Weibo user @一鸣0272)

Nio will also launch its first phone model on September 21, according to the user, who hinted that he was at the Intercontinental Hotel Hefei, the venue for the conference.

Nio's current models on sale include the ES8, ES6, ES7, ET5, ET7, EC7 and ET5 Touring, all based on the latest NT 2.0 platform.

The EC6 is the only remaining piece of the puzzle as the company switches models from the older NT 1.0 platform to the NT 2.0 platform this year.

Nio plans to launch and begin deliveries of the EC6, a newly upgraded mid-size coupe SUV, in September, completing the full product switchover based on the NT 2.0 platform, the company's management said in an August 29 analyst call following the release of its second-quarter earnings.

Nio's eight products will target the high-end pure-play EV market to better meet the diversified needs of users in the high-end market and drive steady growth in overall deliveries, the company said.

Deliveries of Nio's first phone will begin in late September, and the device is meaningful for increasing the competitiveness of Nio's models, Nio's management said.

The Nio phone will be a flagship Android-powered handset that is of great value when used as a backup by iPhone users, local media outlet Yiche quoted Nio founder, chairman and CEO William Li as saying in a group chat on August 28.

In terms of connectivity with cars, the phone had a mediocre experience in connecting with Nio's NT 1.0 platform-based models, mainly due to limitations of the vehicle's hardware.

However, the device has a better experience when connected to the latest NT 2.0-based models and gets access to some innovative apps, Li said in the group chat.

Regarding Nio Day 2023, early last month Nio community users voted to choose Xi'an, Shaanxi province in northwest China as the city for the event.

There are no hints about what products or technologies will be unveiled at Nio Day 2023, but Nio management said at its August 28 earnings call that there will be no new product launches for the Nio brand next year, but there will be the usual annual revisions of models.

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