FAW and Mobileye plan to start mass production of SuperVision-equipped models by the end of 2024, and vehicles with the hands-off, eyes-off Chauffeur technology are scheduled for mass production by the end of 2025.

(Image credit: Mobileye)

FAW Group, one of China's largest automotive groups, has entered into a partnership with autonomous driving solutions company Mobileye, with plans to begin carrying the latter's assisted driving system in production vehicles next year.

FAW has entered into a strategic partnership with Mobileye, which the two signed on September 13 in Changchun, Jilin, where FAW is headquartered, the Israeli developer of autonomous driving technology announced yesterday.

The two companies will build new models based on Mobileye's SuperVision and Chauffeur platforms, according to the autonomous driving company.

FAW will integrate Mobileye's SuperVision driver-assistance feature into key models under its Hongqi brand.

Next, the two companies will also integrate the Mobileye Chauffeur platform, which enables hands-off, eyes-off smart driving features in specific road environments, into the Hongqi E701 model.

The two companies plan to begin mass production of vehicles equipped with the Mobileye SuperVision solution by the end of 2024, with vehicles equipped with Mobileye Chauffeur technology scheduled for mass production by the end of 2025.

FAW's other brands will also gradually adopt Mobileye's solutions, and the two companies will discuss the feasibility of further deepening their collaboration, according to a Mobileye press release.

SuperVision is Mobileye's assisted driving solution released in 2021, with the 001, which began deliveries in October 2021, being the first model to be equipped with the solution.

By 2026, the number of SuperVision-equipped vehicles is expected to reach about 1.2 million, Mobileye founder and CEO Amnon Shashua said in January.

Chauffeur is Mobileye's L4 autonomous driving solution that adds sensors, including LiDAR, to enable point-to-point, hands-off, eyes-off autonomous driving.

While Chinese consumers don't associate FAW with advanced assisted driving technology, the company has been doing research in this area for a long time.

A FAW executive said in October 2020 that, as a traditional automaker, the company has been focusing on and developing automated driving technology since 2003.

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