With the rapid development of autonomous driving technology for new car makers, China FAW Group Corporation, a legacy Chinese automotive giant, has also increased its efforts on the area.

FAW is pushing forward the second phase of its Intelligent Network Connection Project to accelerate the development and operation of Hongqi intelligent vehicles.

The project will be implemented over two years, and FAW plans to put hundreds of smart vehicles into operation, according to an annoucement.

Currently, the project builder has invited bids for engineering design, and the development includes 52.7 km of smart roads, 20 Hongqi E-HS9 L4 smart vehicles, driverless operation center, data center and scenario factory.

In the first phase of the project, FAW has completed the construction of 10.5 km of smart roads, launched 4 E-HS3 L4 Hongqi smart vehicles, and created an autonomous driving service cloud platform.

FAW has also conducted smart mobility demonstration operations and has now safely operated nearly 30,000 kilometers, the company said.

As a traditional vehicle company, FAW has been focusing on and developing autonomous driving technology since 2003, said Li Dan, director of the group's Intelligent Network Development Institute, in October 2020.

In 2011 FAW collaborated with universities to achieve autonomous highway driving. In 2015 it developed and implemented cell phone hailing, automatic parking and V2X-based autonomous driving formations.

FAW's strategic plan for smart driving is to achieve full working condition, all-weather autonomous driving by 2030.

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(Photo source: FAW Group)