sold a record 262,161 NEVs in July, with Tang family models contributing 12,662 units.

BYD (OTCMKTS: BYDDY) has officially launched the new Tang family models in China, after pre-sales began earlier this month at the Chengdu auto show.

Like previous Tang models on sale, the new Tang is available in BEV and PHEV versions, the latter including a more fuel-economy-oriented DM-i version and a more performance-oriented DM-p version.

The new Tang EV is available in three versions with starting prices of RMB 249,800 ($34,270), RMB 269,800, and RMB 299,800 respectively.

The model's pre-sale starting prices when pre-sales begin on August 25 were RMB 250,000, RMB 270,000, and RMB 300,000, respectively.

The new Tang DM-i is only available in one version with a starting price of RMB 249,800. The pre-sale starting price of the model was RMB 250,000 yuan.

The new Tang DM-p is available in three variants with a starting price of RMB 269,800, RMB 289,800 and RMB 309,800 respectively.

The model's previous pre-sale prices were RMB 270,000, RMB 290,000 and RMB 310,000 respectively.

This means that the starting prices of all of BYD's new Tang family models is RMB 200 less than the pre-sale prices.

Customers who order the new Tang family models now will receive benefits including a RMB 4,000 trade-in subsidy and free home chargers.

Older models remain on sale after the new Tang goes on sale, information on BYD's website shows.

The 2022 Tang EV has a starting price range of RMB 282,800 to RMB 342,800.

The older Tang DM-i has a starting price range of RMB 209,800 to RMB 281,800.

The older Tang DM-p has a starting price range of RMB 291,800 to RMB 331,800.

BYD sold a record 262,161 new energy vehicles in July, with 12,662 Tang family models sold, according to figures released by the company earlier this month.

($1 = RMB 7.2896)

BYD Jul sales breakdown: Song 51,258, Qin 44,695